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You've probably invested plenty of time to make your website. But, then it turns out though that you’re not getting enough traffic to the site. And when someone does find it, they hardly ever send you an inquiry.

DOES THIS sound familiar

  • is your website invisible on google?


  • do you get few or no inquiries through your website?
  • does it feel like other photographers have a more modern and more successful website than you?
  • are few potential clients finding your website?

i'll help you

To figure out how to improve your site, I perform a complete website audit

and create a strategy.

It’s like a doctors check-up

for your website.

  • The results will tell me what’s going on with your site - what’s working, what isn’t, and how users are interacting with the pages.
  • The information is used to develop a plan to get your website back on track, generate high-quality traffic, convert visitors into customers, and improve your productivity by making it easy for you to maintain moving forward.

you want a website

that works

for you

  • check-education-green

    And that shows up on search engines to be found by potential clients

  • check-education-green

    Where you can showcase your work and attract clients

  • check-education-green

    Your very own space that you own and can build without worrying about social media's algorithms and rules

  • check-education-green

    A functional site that gets you inquiries, not just website visitors


Hi, sweet friend,

I'm Ingvild.

A mentor for talented wedding photographers who want to have a profitable business. A business where you make good money and attract clients you love working with. All while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

I thrive on learning and growing my business, and I’ve gathered all my knowledge to give to you. Why? Because I’ve been there.

I’ve made all the mistakes and taken all the detours. I’ve charged way too little and taken on every wedding in sight without a second thought. This led to both burnout and working with couples I didn’t truly resonate with.

But, I figured it all out, and I’ve made it into a system that I want to teach you. How to calculate your rates so that you know that you’re profitable. Empower you to say NO, so you can have weekends off every summer - and when a couple just isn’t the right fit. How to outsource and automate to free up your time and mental space, not to mention get your creative juices flowing again. I’ll teach you how you can shoot fun weddings, where your couples really care how their day looks and feels. After almost a decade as a wedding photographer, I can help you get to where you want to be. I’ll even help you figure out where that is.

This is what you can expect from working with me

A full review of your website with the goal of figuring out what works and what needs improvement.

You'll get clear step-by-step instructions on how to move forward to build an amazing website.

Inside the offer

the flow:

1. sign up

Start by submitting the form below, and you'll get welcome information and a place to provide needed information to get started.

2. the audit

Your website will be reviewed. Both the front-end elements like copy, photos, layout etc, which is what your client sees, as well as the technical aspects such as hosting and SEO.

3. Start improving

You'll get a video walkthrough and a detailed list of step-by-step actions to improve your website. 

4. Want help?

If you have a WordPress website and don't want to do the improvements yourself, you can choose to add that on. 

5. sign up

Fill in the information, and let's get started.

let me

walk you through the current state

You leave your website as is. Maybe someone fills in your contact form. Maybe even you get a booking or two through it.

Is that enough for you? Do you really want to spend your time trawling YouTube for tutorials? Or Google your way through your issues? Are you comfortable only booking through word of mouth? Or through a social media account that can actually disappear at any moment because it's not actually yours...?

Stop for a minute and think it through.

If you want to make a big step forward, which includes charging higher rates, working with your kind of clients- you need a functioning website. How you get it is up to you. Honestly though. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were happy with your website and the results you're getting from it.

Let me help you create a better website! I’m only accepting a handful clients this time around, so get in while you can. Follow the plan we create for you and your website will improve!


Pay In Full

Frequently asked questions

What website platform do you recommend?

Usually, sticking to what you've already got is a good idea. But if you're starting fresh I definitely recommend a self-hosted wordpress site (ie not It has infinite possibilities and is the best for SEO. And you know what - by using a good theme and a good page builder it's super easy to use and you don't need to know any code.

How much do I have to do myself?

That's up to you. You can do it all yourself, or have your developer do it for you. You can also add on an 'improvement package' if you have a WordPress site, where I make speed and SEO improvements.

What's next?

Fill out the application form here, and I’ll be in touch ASAP. 

When will I see the first results on my website?

It depends on how committed you are and how much work you put in. Some of the changes you make will have a rather instant effect to your business, while other changes, such as blogging, you do for the long term effect.

Will this audit help my site show up on Google?

It depends on how committed you are and how much work you put in. Some of the changes you make will have a rather instant effect to your business, while other changes, such as blogging, you do for the long term effect.

Can I pay you to make all the changes for me?

You can 🙂 Do note that I believe it's important for you as a business owner to be involved in the planning and to understand your own digital marketing strategy.

How soon can we start?

Right away. Just sign up and we'll get started.

What does an audit mean?

Doing a web audit is the first step to identify any issues your website may have.

A website audit is a deep dive into your website to determine if your site is optimized for search engine traffic, has broken links, loads quickly, is user-friendly and has great content.

You should do website checks like this every once in a while, because even if your site is getting traffic, you want to be sure that it is reaching its full potential. By not addressing issues you could hit a plateau or even decrease in traffic, or a decrease in conversions- which means you're missing out on potential income.

To achieve good SEO require an ongoing effort that involves the consistent checking and optimizing of your website. Add regular site audits to your process to ensure that your website is set up for SEO success.

Can't I do this myself for free?

There's so much free information online about improving your website and SEO, so if you're up for it you can definitely try. It can be quite difficult to know what works (if any). You'll save yourself a ton of time and heartache by getting some help straight away.

And to be honest - some times what you need is a new set of eyes to review things for you.

How much time will this take me?

It completely depends on the state of your website and what goals you have. A little bit of work will go a long way in many cases.

Who is this for?

If you have a website you need this.

Who is this not for?

If you're completely happy with your website or you're not interested in doing the work to improve it, this probably isn't for you.