sustainable photography

a podcast by ingvild kolnes

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 82 "How to thrive on your passion with Yvonne van Dalen"

82. Get back to your passion for photography with Yvonne van Dalen

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 67 "How to boost self-care for photographers with 4 powerful tips"

67. Boost self-care with these 4 powerful tips for photographers

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 66 "Mental Health for photographers and the Creative Mind with Tiril Hauan"

66. How photographers can improve their mental health with Tiril Hauan


64. How to overcome Imposter Syndrome with Brooke Jefferson

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 50 "Achieve an abundance mindset in photography with Aislinn Eileen"

50. Achieve an abundance mindset in photography with Aislinn Eileen

Sustainable Podcast Episode Cover 49 "Build your confidence before you're about to quit"

49. Build your confidence before you’re about to quit

Special Podcast Episode 45 "Special episode on the most asked questions of photographers"

45. Q&A – answering questions about your photography business

Podcast cover episode 27 "Turning Down Work" with Ingvild Kolnes.

37. When and how to say no to clients


29. Taking time off from your photography business

Podcast cover episode 25 "Dealing With Imposter Syndrome" with Ingvild Kolnes.

25. How to deal with Imposter Syndrome?


hi, i'm ingvild

I'm the host of the Sustainable Photography Podcast.

A sustainable business is profitable and lasting. Instead of short-term wins you want to make sure you’re doing things that matter. Both to yourself, and to create the business you want. The goal of this podcast is that it will help you build and structure your business around your life, instead of the other way around.

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