Website Guide

Website Guide


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Create a professional website that guides the visitors to fill out your contact form. 

Build an easy-to-navigate website with functional pages and valuable content.  

Write about what kind of weddings you shoot and who your dream clients are and WHAT YOU CAN OFFER THEM!

Are you ready? This guide will help you do just that!

this is what you get

A 30 page PDF filled with tangible information about all the things your wedding photography website needs- including topics like:

🏆what the goal of your website is (and how to reach that goal)

🚫how to avoid the most common mistakes

👰🏻how different visitors use your website + how to take care of them

💻what the different pages on your website needs

🤓some of the technical things you have to deal with


📄a selection of layout examples


💸a limited-time discount code for a website audit