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Choose one of the following:

a) A selling website: We go through your website to make sure it’s working for you. 

b) Get profitable. We go through your offers and your finances to ensure you’re actually making money.

c) More bookings: We go through your booking process to fill gaps that are keeping you from getting booked. 

How does it work?

You’ll get a little bit of prework. We meet for 2 hours, and figure out how you can improve. You also get 30 minutes of follow-up within 1 week of your session.

This is perfect for you who have one concrete problem you want to solve.

“Investing in mentoring with Ingvild was the same as investing in me and my future. She gave me full insight into what to think about when you’re starting your own business. The numbers were scary at first, but now – not at all. She made me realize what I’m worth. A sentence I’ll never forget it “you have to get used to your own prices so they don’t scare you”. She’s right. Know your worth.
I recommend anyone who wants to start their own business to hear what she has to say, it opens up a whole new world. She’ll help you get started with getting your finances in order and give advice. After I got in touch with Ingvild I have become more secure in myself and I have a better insight into what it actually takes to succeed. And also, a new friend.”
– Linn Valentinsen

$699 + mva for clients in Norway. If you are based in Norway you should pay in NOK as you won’t get a tax return on MVA if it is paid in a foreign currency.