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the podcast flow

Let's keep the interview to be casual and conversational. Our talk may not go completely as planned, but this is a good guideline for how it will flow:


At the beginning of the podcast you'll be introduced as the guest. And you'll be asked to add something more about you. I'll weave in some background questions as we go.


You'll be asked questions that you'll get up front, but I may ask you to clarify, elaborate or ask some follow-up questions. I'll send you the questions I'm planning on asking in a separate email so you can prepare.


At the end I'll be asking what's one thing you would advise a photographer to do to make their business more sustainable. And then I'll ask how the audience can contact you.

please note

  1. To get the best possible result, please plan on using headphones for your audio.
  2. Use the best microphone that you have. A 'mic' is best, or the one integrated into your headphones.
  3. Please be mindful of any background noise that can affect the quality of the sound.