create your

best year


5 days to create an amazing year in your photography business

where you feel less busy, make more money and have more time for what you want

Oct 30th - Nov 3rd


the end of the year is the perfect time to

plan out next year

You should join

  • to create a space to grow your photography business.
  • to make sure you set aside time for yourself and your family.
  • if you're a photographer with a business you want to grow.
  • if you want accountability when you plan out your next year.
  • if you can set aside 5 hours to do the work.
  • if you want more from the next year than you got this year.
  • if you want a more intentional life, and do the things you want now rather than waiting around to see what might happen.

"I'm really pleased and left with a good feeling."

sign up to the 5-day live workshop series and...

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    Get clear on your values.

    This will create a great foundation and help you get clarity around what matters most to you.

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    Figure out what's working (and not working for you) right now.

    That way you can do more of what is working, and less of what isn't right for you.

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    Figure out what you truly want.

    Create a dream board filled with all the things you want to start drawing it in.

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    Set goals you want to accomplish.

    Clear goals will help you set a direction in your life and business.

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    Fill next year's calendar with what matters most to you.

    You'll start outlining next years calendar, saving space for the things you now know matters to you.

daily video lesson and live coaching call

You also get a guidebook with the steps to follow

this is for you

if you want to...

  • stop wasting time just staying busy, and do the things that lead you to the right place instead.

  • get clarity so you know what you're working towards.

  • have more time for yourself and your family as well as have dreamy photo shoots.

  • if you want MORE next year.

you choose

what you want

You can choose to spend the next year the way you did this year. Where you see what happens and make it up as you go. It will probably be fine. 



you can choose to


create your best year


You can choose what your life and your business will look like. You’re so much more likely to grow your business, have more time with your family, or do yoga every week if you plan it out and make sure you create the time for it. 

This live workshop series will help you create your own roadmap to follow.


Let’s make 2024 your best year yet!

only $47 for all five days

Oct 30th - Nov 3rd


hey, i'm


I'm an educator and mentor for photographers.

My job, and my passion, is to help talented but overworked photographers like you get back in touch with the artist you want to be. Where you work with dream clients without having to work too much.

I do this by helping you build your confidence and set boundaries, and teach you to charge what your work is worth through a 7-step program so that you can make a living from your creativity.

It starts here, with the live workshop series. This is the process I do every year-end, and what I teach in my online mentor program as well. And now you get to join too!

Frequently asked questions

The first lesson will be sent to your inbox on Monday October 30th. 

You'll get videos sent to your inbox every day, and you can join a daily coaching session if you want.

"This is an educational and interesting course that helps you set goals and figure out what you want to focus on in the future."

ready to create your best year, yet?!