5 days to create profitable photography packages

to help you have a profitable business and have offers your clients want to book.

March 20th - 24th

we start in


make sure your business is


You should join


  • to make sure your packages are profitable
  • if you're a photographer with a business you want to grow.
  • if you can set aside 5 hours to do the work.
  • if you want your business to grow and you're ready to make real money

"I’m so thankful that I found Ingvild when I needed something to push me in the right direction!"

sign up to the 5-day live workshop series and...

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    Improve your mindset.

    This will create an important foundation to help you realize that you're allowed to charge and make money.

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    Discover what you should be charging.

    Figure out your own pricing based on the work you do and the value you give.

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    Build your packages

    Make sure the packages you offer are structured in a way that gets you booked.

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    Avoid the most common pricing mistakes

    Learn about the most common pricing mistakes so you can avoid making them yourself.

daily video lesson and live coaching call

You also get a guidebook with the steps to follow

this is for you

if you want to...

  • have a profitable, sustainable business - not a hobby!

  • be aware of where your money is currently going - and what you need to base your prices on.

  • have more time for yourself and your family as well as get paid real money to have dreamy photo shoots.

  • if you want to make a good living from photography.

you choose

what you want

It's up to you if you want to keep your prices. And feel your way through having a business.



you can choose to


figure it out


You can choose to take your life and business seriously and work out your prices and packages. That way you can have a profitable business, free up time and have the life you deserve to have.

This live workshop series will help you work out your prices and build profitable packages.

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Let’s create profitable packages!

only $47 for all five days

we begin in...


March 20th - 24th


hey, i'm


I'm an educator and mentor for photographers.

My job, and my passion, is to help talented but overworked photographers like you get back in touch with the artist you want to be. Where you work with dream clients without having to work too much.

I do this by helping you build your confidence and set boundaries, and teach you to charge what your work is worth through a 7-step program so that you can make a living from your creativity.

It starts here, with the live workshop series.

Frequently asked questions

When is this starting?

The first lesson will be sent to your inbox on Monday March 20th. 

You'll get videos sent to your inbox every day, and you can join a daily coaching session if you want.

Tell me more about the bonus-review

On day four you can send me your pricing page, and you'll get a 5-minute review in return.

Sometimes all it takes are small tweaks in the way you present your prices for you to book more shoots.

What if I want the Norwegian version

Den finner du her.

When are the live sessions?

The live sessions are: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday kl 12.30 GMT+1.

Tuesday and Thursday kl 21.30 GMT+1. 

They will be recorded, and you can submit your questions beforehand if you're not attending. They are not mandatory, but it is so great if you can make it!

What if I can't join the live sessions?

The live coaching sessions are not mandatory- you'll still get so much out of this if you're not able to show up live. You can join one live session or all of them!


You can send in your questions before the sessions, there will be recordings of each of them. These will be available in the course platform for those who sign up only. 

To make it easier for you to join, we'll be rotating between daytime and evening sessions.

Is there anything I need to do before/after?

You'll be guided through everything you need to know in the course.

When you sign up you'll get a confirmation email and once the course starts (on October 31st) you'll get an email in your inbox with the first video and workbook. 

You can do the tasks there and then, or wait till the live coaching session of the day. 

There are 5 videos total to watch, plus the optional daily coaching calls. These will be every other day in the evening and daytime to fit most schedules. You can attend one, or all five - or none, depending on what fits you. 

What if I'm not a photographer?

Even if you're not a photographer you are welcome to join, but I will be using photography examples throughout 🙂 

Who is this for?

This live workshop series is for you if you want to have a profitable business. If you want to figure out how to create packages that make you money - and get you booked. 

And it's for you if you're scared to charge money and get paid. 

If you can set aside some time every day or at least once during the week we go through the program that will be best, as it's easier to follow through when you've got accountability, but you'll have access for as long as this is offered.

There will be recordings of the calls, and you can send in your questions beforehand, so you don't have to show up live if you can't. 

Who is this not for?

If you’re completely happy in your business or you’re not interested in doing the work to get to where you want to be, this probably isn’t for you.

ready to create profitable packages?