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Podcast Episode 39 "How You Could Be Hurting Your Photography Business in 2022"

39. How You Could Be Hurting Your Photography Business in 2022

Podcast Episode 38 "Make more money by selling custom products with Lovise Gard"

38. Make more money by selling custom products with Lovise Gard

Podcast cover episode 27 "Turning Down Work" with Ingvild Kolnes.

37. When and how to say no to clients

Podcast Episode 36 "A powerful photography workflow can save your business - and sanity with Charlotte Isaac"

36. Improve your photography workflow and save time with Charlotte Isaac


35. Insights about being a wedding photographer

Podcast cover for Episode 34 " What it takes to become a Birth Photographer with Eva Rose"

34. What It Takes To Become A Birth Photographer with Eva Rose

sustainable-photography-perfect-your-clients-journey-working (Podcast cover)

33. How do you want your photography clients to feel?


32. How to become an elopement photographer in 2022 with Christin Eide

Podcast cover episode 31 "Getting More Done in Less Time" with Ingvild Kolnes.

31. Be more productive and do more in less time


30. How to book photography clients through sales calls with Carissa Woo


Hi, I'm Ingvild

I spend as much of my time as I can being outside taking photos of happy couples in love. I live with my dog and boyfriend in Norway, and I love traveling the world in search of beautiful locations and love stories.

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